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The Wisdom Circle Learning Community is a free online community dedicated to redefining your path of discovery and transformation, not only with shared knowledge but with the support to integrate this wisdom into all aspects of your life.


Meet Jeffrey Eisen, a Toronto-based luminary with a remarkable journey. He transitioned from a 30-year career as a multi-million dollar steel business CEO to become a Spiritual Life Coach, channeler of Shaltazar, and energy intuitive. Jeffrey guides individuals toward meaning, empowerment, and enlightenment. He’s also an author, Reiki Master, and teacher, touching lives through group sessions, videos, and captivating nature photography. Co-author of “Empowered YOUth,” alongside his son, Michael Eisen, Jeffrey’s mission is to shift consciousness one soul at a time. Join him on a transformative journey toward true happiness and inner peace.

No matter where you’re at, he will meet you there and intuitively guide you on your journey of awakening and self-discovery – empowering you to make meaningful life changes.

Book a Complimentary Discovery Session

 These 60-minute Discovery sessions are my way of giving back to the world. I look forward to chatting with you to see how I can assist you on your life journey. I may uncover something that changes your life in a big way.


“Working with Jeffrey is like having a secret weapon in your pocket at all times. He can grasp the reality of any situation in your life quickly, and help guide you in a way that sticks with you as you go back out into the world. His advice is never overwhelming or scary to execute; because you know he is always in your corner cheering you on to a better life. He does it with love, passion, and some great jokes along the way to keep you smiling through it :)I love how he always provides relevant articles, podcasts and content to reinforce what he’s teaching. This has changed my energy and now my life for the better, I’m definitely excited for what’s to come!”


“Working with Jeffrey has been absolutely life-changing. I had been asking for an angel to help guide me in my life and not long after, he appeared! He has such an incredible gift of being able to help you work through energy blocks that are keeping you from being your authentic self and going after what you really want. He has opened me up and peeled back layers so deep, allowing me to make incredible shifts in my life. These changes within myself have also led to incredible growth in my business. I’m still in awe of the power he has, and the power he has helped me discover within myself.”


I can’t say enough good things about Jeffrey. I have worked with other coaches from Tony Robbins and others that I have met and none come close to the impact and life-changing sessions that I have had with Jeffrey. His ability to reach the root of a problem, help you get in touch with the real you and ignite your passion for life amazes me. I am blessed to have met Jeffrey, he has a gift to share with the world and would recommend him to any of my friends, family or anyone I meet.


“I’ve always experienced a significant shift during my sessions with Jeffrey towards more awareness and more exuberant, positive perspectives. Jeffrey has a keen ability to observe just where you need to work to transform yourself and reveal it in the moment while you are conversing with him. He literally can read your vibrations, see where you’re blocked or depressed and then work with you with profound enthusiasm to get you unlocked and uplifted, right then and there! Whenever I feel utterly lost Jeffrey always has a way to help me find myself and find the inspiration to live from more impassioned purpose. He’s a true alchemist–he transforms our most heavy, darkened states into something light and lovely, relentlessly.”  


My session with Jeffrey was one of the most profound experiences I have ever had. He helped me face my inner truth. He also helped me get in touch with my true self, which was so deeply hidden from life experiences and emotions that I had sheltered since childhood. He taught me it was okay to be me, and express my emotions as we are all entitled to shine, and we all have a beautiful gift and purpose on this planet. Your wonderful gift has taught me to ignite and expand on mine! 🙂 


“The personalized Shaltazar channeled reading has definitely helped and guided me to a better understanding of the issues I am dealing with in my life at this moment. I have a clearer sense of what it is I should do or not do to move on to the next level in my development. It was pleasant and clarifying to have a talk with Jeffrey before and after the channeling. I am grateful that Shaltazar and Jeffrey have crossed my path and I listen to the teachings on a daily basis. Peace and love!” 



I’ve been on this journey for a long time and there’s nothing I like more than sharing my learnings, discoveries, and wisdom with others. I always respond to emails personally, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with questions or comments.


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