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Looking for a way to mindfully experience the world around you? Try getting behind the lens of a camera. When I picked up my first SLR camera, something transformed within me. Becoming an intuitive photographer allowed me to slow down, observe my surroundings with more care and focus, and capture the beauty and magic of the world in a way that I hadn’t experienced before.

I had always enjoyed the outdoors but only came to truly appreciate the healing power of nature when I embarked on my journey of self-discovery in my early 50s. For most of my life, I would rush through things, always looking to arrive at the next destination rather than focusing on being in the moment. Once I started to slow down and appreciate each moment, I found a space in my life for photography — an opportunity to capture the essence of the world I was seeing, the magic of human and animal interactions, the dichotomy of our planet, the power of extreme close-ups and sweeping landscapes. Through photography, I found a way to connect with the energy of the universe in a real and creative way.

With thousands of photos on my computer, I realized their true power when I began sharing them.
Now available across multiple platforms (see Sharing below) my high vibrating and intuitively captured photos have been viewed millions of times by people across the globe. My objective in sharing these photos, both for free and for purchase, is to evoke inspiration, wonder, and awe and a greater appreciation for the amazing planet we live on.

Please check out my complete photo collection at  Jeffrey Eisen Photography.  My photos are also available for viewing and downloading on several other websites below.

I hope you enjoy viewing my photos as much as I enjoy sharing them.

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