Embrace your Essence

For many years, I used free-flow journaling to connect to my intuition and work through challenges and blocks. Through this form of ‘release’ I was able to quiet my obsessive mind and allow an inner knowing or essence to come forward and express itself. What appeared on the page felt familiar but wasn’t actually coming from me. I realized it wasn’t my voice or my words – rather something I was channeling that was bigger and more powerful. I came to understand that these channeled messages were coming from an entity that identified itself as Shaltazar. The more I channeled, through writing and speaking, the more it became clear that these were messages of divine wisdom coming through me, not only to help individuals but more importantly to shift the collective consciousness. You will find the channeled messages from Shaltazar available for free in the Sharing section of this website.  

Today I use channeling in my coaching practice to help clients achieve more clarity and access a deeper understanding that may not otherwise be available to us. Through this process, I tap into your energy or higher consciousness and retrieve messages that are relevant to you at this particular time. While a traditional “psychic reading” may leave you to decode these messages on your own, my channeled readings and packages are interpreted through a coaching lense to help you make sense of what’s come forward and access the tools and strategies needed to bring about significant change. Through channeling, I help clients identify and clear energy blocks, release fear and open themselves up to abundance, and activate and connect to their own intuition.

Book a Complimentary Discovery Session

 These 60-minute Discovery sessions are my way of giving back to the world. I look forward to chatting with you to see how I can assist you on your life journey. I may uncover something that changes your life in a big way.



Shaltazar Personalized Reading

This 1-hour session combines an in-depth spiritual reading with a coaching session to help create clarity around messages that come forth from Shaltazar. Every session begins with a 20-minute inquiry where we dive into the questions you have and the information you’re looking to gain access to.

This is followed by a 20-minute reading where Shaltazar taps into your energy or higher consciousness. Finally, we spend the last 20 minutes of your session interpreting the reading, making connections between what’s been channeled and the answers you’re looking for, and using the information to provide direction for you to act upon. All readings are interpreted through a coaching lens to help you make sense of what’s come forward and access the tools and strategies needed to bring about significant change.

All Shaltazar Personalized Reading sessions are recorded via Zoom audio for your use only, making the information available to you for further listening. 

 Price: $200 +HST / session 

Identify and Clear Energy Blocks

3 session package

When you’re able to identify an area of your life that isn’t moving forward as you’d like (i.e. a relationship, a project, a job search, etc.) it almost always means there’s an unidentified energy block that’s holding you back. These blocks can prevent you from achieving the success or happiness that’s rightfully yours. Through an energy block channeling sessions, you’ll work with me to identify where the block exists, what it is, and how you can release it. We’ll deep-dive into the beliefs and perspectives that may be contributing to this block and create new energy pathways to propel you forward. Clients leave these sessions feeling re-energized and empowered. 

Price: $600 +HST / 3 sessions 

Access abundance

3 session package

Money and financial abundance tends to be one of the greatest challenges many people face. Insecurity and fear inhibit many people’s access to financial wellbeing. Finance and money related stress can take its toll on your relationships, career, and even physical health. Through the Access Abundance sessions we’ll take a spiritual and holistic approach to finances, providing an energetic look at where you’re at and where you want to be, and channeling and interpreting the messages  that will help get you there. 

Price: $600 +HST / 3 sessions 

Activate and Connect to your Intuition

3 session package

As a channeler, I believe strongly that everyone can access their own intuition and channel divine guidance. The key is to be open to receiving the messages, willing to listen, and confident enough to trust in the process without judgement. Living life from a place of intuition can be incredibly rewarding and eliminate a great deal of stress and self-doubt. Those who are guided by their inner knowing, no longer need to overthink or force what isn’t coming naturally. Choices become easier, results are realized more quickly, and peace is the inevitable result. Through these sessions, I work with you to understand how intuition works, open up to your own inner knowing, and put proven techniques into practice. 

Price: $600 +HST / 3 sessions 

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