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The Story of Shaltazar

Once upon a time, a man named Jeffrey Eisen embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery and transformation. Little did he know that this journey would lead him to channel the profound wisdom of an entity known as Shaltazar, forever altering the course of his life and touching the hearts and Souls of countless others.

It all began with a simple act of catharsis—free-flow journaling. Jeffrey turned to his journal to grapple with the hurts, challenges, and issues that life had thrown at him. Something extraordinary started to happen in those intimate moments of putting pen to paper. Words flowed effortlessly, but they felt “familiar” yet alien as if they came from a source beyond himself.

Jeffrey soon realized that he was a vessel, a conduit for something greater than his own consciousness. He had tapped into the wisdom of an entity, Shaltazar, whose messages were profound and transformative. These messages were not only insightful but often held the very answers Jeffrey sought for his own challenges.

As Jeffrey continued his personal journey, he couldn’t ignore the significance of what was happening. He felt compelled to share these powerful messages with the world. But how could he make these deeply personal and handwritten journal entries resonate with others? The answer came through a process of introspection and extraction.

Jeffrey meticulously combed through his journals, extracting the messages that stood on their own, free from the context of his pain and suffering. These messages, born from his catharsis, became the Messages from Shaltazar CD—a collection of wisdom that would soon inspire and empower many.

The connection between Jeffrey and Shaltazar deepened and evolved over time. It was as if Shaltazar was a constant presence, waiting in the background, ready to offer guidance and insight. Jeffrey incorporated Shaltazar’s wisdom into his coaching sessions, where guided meditations became a channel for this Divine entity’s teachings.

But it didn’t stop there. Jeffrey’s meditation groups provided the perfect platform for Shaltazar’s voice to be heard by all who attended. He was no longer just a writer or a coach; he had become a channel, a conduit for this Divine Wisdom. It was a profound experience as if Shaltazar’s voice flowed through him effortlessly.

In a desire for the messages to reach a wider audience, Jeffrey recorded these channelled messages. Over time, he transcribed them into text, forming a body of Divine Wisdom that was both extensive and profound. The messages didn’t adhere to logic or linear thinking; they came through in their own unique way. However, common themes emerged, forming a tapestry of teachings that touched the Soul.

Jeffrey was inspired to share this wisdom on a broader scale. He contemplated creating a book, but he believed that this Divine knowledge was best experienced through the senses. Thus, the Shaltazar website was born, featuring audio, video, and the written word, inviting people from all corners of the world to partake in this transformative journey.

Jeffrey continued to find more ways to communicate the Shaltazar wisdom that had changed his life in a very profound way. He shared these teachings on the Shaltazar YouTube channel, the Shaltazar podcast, and the Insight Timer app, reaching even more seekers of truth and wisdom. Jeffrey continues to find new, innovative and interesting ways to bring this wisdom to the world. The Wisdom of Shaltazar Oracle card deck is just one example with much more to come in the future.

The story of Shaltazar is a tale of transformation, self-discovery, and the boundless power of Divine Wisdom. It’s an invitation to embark on a journey of awakening, empowerment, and inspiration—a journey that has the potential to elevate consciousness and touch the very essence of our Souls. The Wisdom of Shaltazar awaits, ready to guide you on your own path of enlightenment. Are you ready to listen, learn, and be transformed?




Shaltazar Personalized Reading

This 1-hour session combines an in-depth spiritual reading with a coaching session to help create clarity around messages that come forth from Shaltazar. Every session begins with a 20-minute inquiry where we dive into the questions you have and the information you’re looking to gain access to.

This is followed by a 20-minute reading where Shaltazar taps into your energy or higher consciousness. Finally, we spend the last 20 minutes of your session interpreting the reading, making connections between what’s been channelled and the answers you’re looking for, and using the information to provide direction for you to act upon. All readings are interpreted through a coaching lens to help you make sense of what’s come forward and access the tools and strategies needed to bring about significant change.

All Shaltazar Personalized Reading sessions are recorded via Zoom audio for your use only, making the information available to you for further listening. 

                                                                           Price: $300 +HST 

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