Given the circumstances of recent times, it seems quite apparent the universe is focusing our attention on our collective divisiveness, accentuating the many differences that exist between the humans currently sharing this planet.  But to what end?

It seems possible what we are witnessing is another Divine paradox – that by shining a light on our disparities we might learn to recognize how similar we truly are.

Shaltazar says the choice between unity and separateness is ours to make.  We can continue to focus on the many externalities which underscore our divergences, or we can dig deeper by looking beyond the physical to find and connect with the underlying Oneness we all share with Source.

It is said that the family is the master civilizer of mankind and the home the most important social construct in forming the foundation of human evolution.  It would thus stand to reason that we might look to family life for clarity on this situation.

Stop to consider the members comprising your immediate and extended family.  No two individuals are exactly alike.  Each has their own likes and dislikes, divergent interests, varied physical attributes, beliefs, sexual preferences, political affiliations, strengths, weaknesses, predilections, and personalities.  Yet somehow, in spite of how different each is from the other, we make it work.

This unprecedented time of social isolation has provided a unique opportunity to test the strength of the family unit in a major way.  Never before have modern families been confined indoors and under the same roof (at least those of us in colder climates) and forced to interact with each other 24/7 for months on end.  Yet we all survived.  Sure, there was conflict and discomfort, but we didn’t kill each other or set fire to our homes.  Why?  Because when it comes to family, we choose to look beyond the outward-facing elements of these people with whom we share intimate space and let love guide our interactions.

The family is sociologically unique because at a very intrinsic level, members of the same family are able to love each other in spite of perceived negative attributes, hurt feelings, contradictory opinions, and conflicting attitudes.  We realize at some level we’re all cut from the same bolt of fabric, and at the end of the day, part of the same team.

Perhaps what the universe is trying to accomplish with this period of social unrest is to heighten our awareness that we are the children of the One, and that all of humanity belongs to the same family – one nation, one world under God.

It seems we are being challenged to trust our hearts instead of our heads, our feelings instead of our eyes.  As the children of Source, it is now time for us to cut each other – our cosmic siblings – a little familial slack.

Mark Layne


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