I would love to try to help you understand what’s going on with you in your life and why you are feeling the way you feel.

It is possible that in a nutshell, life/God/The Universe is pushing you to understand and embrace who you truly are.

Try to remember that what you see in the mirror is not your authentic self.  Buried inside each of us is an actual living fragment of God, of Source, of the eternal and everlasting Creator of all existence.  Until a certain age, this fragment lives inside us as a small glowing ember.  It glows brighter when we’re happy and feeling connected, and dimmer when we’re consumed by the elements and challenges of physical reality.

This is what is meant by “living in duality.”   We are of a dual nature – both physical and spiritual; both human and Divine.

Like you, most people don’t recognize or nurture their Divine natures.  Owing to eons of evolution dating back to our primordial origins, the “monkey mind” is only willing to consider that which we see as real.  Fueled by our egos, our minds fiercely protect this reality concept, pushing away anything it perceives as a threat to its dominance and control.

As a result, most people are only willing to trust what they can see, touch, hear and smell with their physical senses.  We only follow the thoughts and ideas we can rationally make sense of.

The problem with allowing our ego mind to direct our lives, is we are putting our trust in the finite aspects of our being.  What you are being called to do is to let go of your comfortable understanding of reality, take back control from your ego/mind, and put your trust in the Divinity which lives inside you.  Our challenge as human beings is to learn to connect with our Divine natures, fan that ember of Source that lives within us, and allow it to burst into flames and thereby begin to inform our choices.

This isn’t an easy thing to do and why you are feeling such angst and frustration.  Your ego is programmed to resist any concept of reality which conflicts with physical perception.  Your job – what you are being called to do – is to find that spark of Source existing within you and nurture it, feed it, get it to glow brighter, and learn to trust it.  As always, it’s there talking to you right now, but because you can’t perceive it with your five senses, you don’t believe it’s real.  To connect with it, you need to feel it.  It’s like The Force in Star Wars.  Watch the early episodes when Obi Wan and Yoda are teaching Luke about The Force – how it’s an energy field which surrounds us at all times and that one needs to feel to connect with.

You are engaged in an epic battle between your head and your heart.  Connecting with your heart requires letting go of your comfortable concept of reality, turning off your thinking brain, and tuning into your feelings.  The educated western world tends to have a terrible time surrendering to the heart.  We want to think and analyze and speculate and prognosticate everything to death.  And when the suggestion is made to let go and let God, the ego-driven monkey mind pushes back hard because it doesn’t want to relinquish control to some ephemeral concept it can’t physically experience.  It doesn’t want us to believe that we are part of God.  It wants to remain in charge, in control.

Your feelings are your built-in guidance system.  If you can quiet the mind, your feelings will bubble to the surface.  Your feelings are your truth.  Your feelings are your personal receiver to Spirit which is like an always broadcasting radio signal there to give you assistance and direction.  As Walt Disney so eloquently said, feelings are that small silent voice inside you.  They give you advice, provide you wise counsel, and lead back toward God, toward Source, toward your true nature and destiny.  And as Abraham has said through Esther Hicks, there is nothing more important than to feel good.

Meditation is the most effective way of shutting down the mind and connecting with your feelings, with Source.  Gratitude is another strategy for pulling you back into your heart.  The only way to help yourself is to stop trusting your mind and start trusting your heart.  As soon as you are able to give up the fight, surrender to Spirit, and let go of trying to control everything, your life will change.  As Eckhart Tolle said in The Power of Now, “To realize that you are not your thoughts is when you begin to awaken spiritually.”

Try to remember what it was like when you were little.  Small children are totally trusting of their parents or caregivers.  They hold their mom or dad or teacher’s hand and follow wherever they are led, blissfully taking in the scenery along the way.  They have no worries or cares.  They are totally present; totally in the Now, totally trusting.

Go back to being that child, but instead of holding your mom or dad’s hand, hold God’s hand.  Let Spirit be your new parent who leads you along into your future.  Trust Spirit just as you would trust Mom or Dad or Grandma or Grandpa to care for you, to love you, to protect you, and to show you the wonders of the world.  The help you seek is waiting for you to ask.  Spirit is knocking – open the door.

Source loves you very much.  It’s now time for you to love yourself and your God within.

This is one of the Messages from Shaltazar that inpired this article:


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