I’ve been a spiritual seeker since my sophomore year of college when I met my new roommate, Bill.  Bill was (and is) an iconoclast, cockeyed Catholic, and possessor of a brilliant mind whose sideways world view altered my relationship with religion, God, and myself.

Ever since, my appetite for spiritual knowledge has been manifold and unquenchable, drawing me to search, read, learn, and experience all I can to expand my consciousness and gain deeper insights into the universe, who and what I am, and my purpose in being here.

I remain convinced that at any moment, I will have one of those ah, ha, breakthrough moments where all the disparate bits and pieces of my accumulated knowledge will gel into a fully formed concept that cause all the missing pieces of the puzzle to drop magically into place.

Although it hasn’t happened yet, my often circuitous path through spirituality and self-discovery has led me to certain sources of wisdom and knowledge which resonate so purely with me that I could swear they bubbled up from the recesses of my own subconscious.  It was that way when I read Many Lives, Many Masters, when I discovered Abraham Hicks, Dan Millman’s Way of the Peaceful Warrior, St. Germain’s I Am Discourses, and the Urantia Book.  It happened most recently when I stumbled across Jeffrey Eisen’s Messages from Shaltazar on Insight Timer.

Like Esther Hicks, Jeffrey is the channeler through which the entity known as Shaltazar – the Master Teacher, the Energy of 33 – speaks.  The very first message I listened to was so familiar it was as if Shaltazar was speaking directly to me and for my own personal benefit and edification.  I was hooked.  So hooked, in fact, that I sent Jeffrey a message through the rating tool in the app, never expecting a response.

When we expect little, we receive much.  Jeffrey did respond; the same day, in fact.  We began to communicate.  Now we are working together to massage and distill the messages of Shaltazar into an easy to understand, digestible format we hope will reach a widespread audience of other curious minds.

During our short time together, I’ve found Jeffrey to be an astute, expansive-minded, and gentle soul who proffers a no-nonsense brand of spirituality and personal guidance informed by the teachings of the entity he channels.  I’m excited to be a part of this experiment and honored to be working with both Jeffrey and, by association, Shaltazar.

We hope you’ll be intrigued.  We’re confident you’ll learn.  We know you’ll benefit.

Love and Light,

Mark  Layne

Contact Mark Layne at workingwordsproductions@gmail.com

Contact Jeffrey Eisen jeffrey@jeffreyeisen.com


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