A Shaltazar Channeled Message


“Embrace what you feel always. We know it is difficult to embrace or accept the less comfortable feelings. And We know many tell you that you don’t have to give in to the lower and slower feelings. Unfortunately, that is not truth. Feelings are truth and yet you don’t want to accept that truth when it feels uncomfortable. We understand why you want to do so. You believe life is about finding happiness, joy, and love and when you find it you want it all of the time. We wish that could occur for you in human form, but it cannot.

Since your planet is the place of free choice it is not mandatory that you feel the full spectrum of emotion. That has always been your choice. For whatever reason, many have chosen to deny, or escape from, or suppress, or run away from a very important part of that emotional spectrum. We are referring to the lower and slower, the uncomfortable, the unpleasant feelings. Many of you have engaged the assistance of your minds to allow you to escape from these undesirable feelings. You thought if you allowed your mind to protect you then you could avoid the discomfort that comes with these lower vibrational feelings. You practice diligently to avoid these feelings and have mastered the Art of Disconnection. You cannot stop feeling, but you can disconnect from what you feel. In so doing you are disconnecting from your Truth. For feelings are Truth. And so you have chosen to live a lie, cutting yourself off from your Truth.

These very feelings you run away from serve a purpose. But by cutting yourself off from them, by denying them, you miss out on an important part of Life. The answer is to stay and face up to Life, all of Life. And to do so in the Duality one must learn to accept the lower and slower, the uncomfortable feelings. Is it easy? No, of course not. We hear you cry out, “But we have tried. It is so difficult. It is so challenging. How do we accept what does not feel good when all we want in life is to feel good? Is our struggle really all about accepting that which feels uncomfortable? And what happens when we accept those dark feelings that you say we cannot escape?”

Then and only then will you receive what you have been searching for. You will finally experience complete and utter peace, harmony, tranquility, understanding and of course you will finally comprehend unconditional Love. Just as Source loves ALL, you must accept and even embrace your All. And part of your All is the lower and slower, the Darkness.

The answer lies in understanding feelings. They are not permanent, they are fleeting. They are energy in motion meant to be experienced to the fullest. They are in and of the moment and yet you believe the more unpleasant they feel the longer they will stay. Accept and allow. Learn to feel the discomfort without judgment, without censoring. Do not be afraid of the unpleasant and that which does not feel good. Do not be afraid of fear, anger, frustration, boredom, mistrust, depression, hatred, anxiety, ugliness, guilt, and shame. Do not be afraid of anything you feel because when you do so you are denying Life. Accept the fullness of your human life, and by that We mean your Light and Darkness. You have been created within a Duality that will not let you be at all times only one aspect of the Duality.

You MUST be both. You MUST experience both.

The only way to minimize your suffering is to choose how you respond to Darkness. The sooner you figure out a way to accept all that does not feel good, the sooner you will dilute your suffering. For pain will exist, there is no option. It is your response to the pain that creates the suffering. Learn to accept and to accept does not mean to enjoy or even welcome, but accept it none the less. As you accept all of you, your wholeness, you will feel a sense of peace that very few humans have ever truly experienced. Practice when the Darkness descends. Learn to accept it. Learn to love it even if you don’t like it. Know that it is you, a part of you, and don’t run away from it. Unfortunately, your fear of the Darkness keeps you small. Your fear of Darkness takes away your Power because you believe this Darkness is separate from you.

You are Darkness, just as you are Light. You are both, that is the essence of the Duality. The paradox, of course, is that the more you deny your Darkness the more likely it is to come forth without your knowing. It will come forth when you least expect it and often will be directed at the ones you truly love. Denying it does not make it go away but often gives it more strength. The more you accept your Darkness the more you will be able to choose how you show up when it descends upon you. Your power resides in your choice.” – Shaltazar

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