A Shaltazar Channeled Message


“Know the Truth for it is always within you. It is easy to lose touch with the Truth when you listen to others. So often you give your power away to others because you think they know better than you. If you could just tune into your own Inner Truth more of the time life would be much easier. Truth in human form is not absolute. The Absolute Truth only resides in the realm of The Source. In human form truth is but relative. Human truth depends on the perspective of the individual. There can never be a collective, unanimous truth for that would go against the Laws of Duality. In the Duality there must be many truths. None are all right or all wrong.

What We are suggesting is to stop searching for the one and only truth. That does not mean you cannot find peace and harmony. You can find them by moving to connect with a Higher Truth. Beyond the relative truths of humanity, exists a Higher and Absolute Truth. To find this Truth you must move above the polarities of your planet. Even the word “find” does not express this insight correctly. In searching and seeking you will not find. The Higher Truth Just Is. There is no opposite to it. There is no counter to it. It Is the Truth. No more and no less. The Truth Is. To locate this Truth, you must go within to that place where you are One, where Unity resides. It is the place of God within. It is in your DNA, in every cell of your body. It is not always easy to find this place, especially when you allow yourself to be in the Place of Others.

“What is the Place of Others?” you ask.

The Place of Others is where you allow yourself to feel separate from your Unity. Humans are surrounded by others. You have family, friends, community, classmates, and co-workers. Others are all around you. We are not suggesting you banish yourself to a remote island to be alone. To be in the place of Oneness, is just a matter of perspective. It is not about being alone or with others in a physical sense.

“That all sounds very confusing.” We hear you say.

Have you ever experienced a time when you felt a strong sense of completeness? A sense that all around you was as it should be, where you felt protected and loved. Where you felt nothing could harm you despite whose company you were in. If you experienced such a feeling, then you have been in the place of Oneness.

“So what does this have to do with Truth” you ask.

The Place of Oneness is where the Truth of the Higher Realms resides. In order to have access to this Higher Truth you must practice finding Oneness. That does not mean you have to separate yourself from others. You just need to feel the sense of love, protectiveness, safety, calm, and harmony, even with others in your presence, to have access to the Higher Truth.

“So why connect with this Higher Truth?” you ask.

To eliminate confusion and stress in the search to find your truth. Instead of relying on others to give you the answers, go within and connect to the Higher Truth. If you connect to your own Inner Truth you don’t have to be reliant on others. Even in matters where you have no expertise, you can find your own personal truth. Your personal truth is what is right for you. Not the truth that others tell you, but what you feel deep within you. This truth comes more from your sensory consciousness than it does from your thinking mind. Let your body help you. It knows Truth.

The Divine Truth is in your DNA, in every cell of your body. Learn to communicate with your body. Some of you may have experienced muscle testing, or have used a crystal pendulum to which you ask yes or no questions. Some have experienced energy healers who sense what is going on in your body. These are just a few examples of how you can tap in to your body’s ability to reveal Truth. It is time to learn how to communicate with your body so you can access the Higher Truth that is in your DNA. Why would you choose to spend so much time and effort researching, reading, and seeking the opinions of others, looking for truth? Why would you rely on others for Your Truth when it is always present in your body? Learn to find the place within that is Oneness so you may come to know your Truth. Tap into your inner compass so it may show you the Way.

Why do you choose to make it so difficult, so challenging, so stressful? Allow yourself to move forward more easily, comfortably, and confidently, by tapping in to your Inner Truth. When you do so, you will never feel alone, deserted, or unloved. You will be in the cradle of God’s arms.” – Shaltazar

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