A Shaltazar Channeled Message


“Answers will not help you get what you want. It is wisdom that allows you to manifest your desires. To get in touch with that wisdom, you must find it in experience. Answers that come from facts only create confusion. It is experience that brings forth wisdom. So, go forth and experience. Allow your doing to be your greatest teacher. There is no need to think of what it is you can or should or might do. Do from the place of allowing. Don’t agonize, fret, worry, or have doubts about your doing. And learn to let go of all judgment of your doing. There is NO doing that is wrong or bad. You experience much suffering because you judge your doing. Just Do and Be content with it. Always be content with the results. It is in the experience of doing that you connect with wisdom. We see many of you search and seek and struggle to find the RIGHT way, thinking that if you get it right you will get what you want.

Yes, doing is an important part of creation. There are two components to creation. One is the feminine, yin, dreaming, imagining what is to be created. Then there is the masculine, yang, doing, or producing. In this component, action is required. When Source creates the yin and the yang are One. For humans, the vibration has been slowed down so the two components seem separate. For manifestation to be easier don’t allow the two components to feel so detached. The more they feel like one, the smoother creation becomes. Try not to allow your imagining and dreaming that often feels light, fluffy, and happy to be any different (separate) from your doing, from your actions. Many believe that the yang, the masculine needs to have structure, order, and discipline. If that action is not judged, if results cannot be wrong or right, if you allow your actions to feel light, fluffy, happy and joyous, you will begin to see creation occur easier. It is the struggle, the pushing, the need to, the shoulds that actually make creation more onerous and slower. When you allow your masculine doing to be as enjoyable as your imagining, dreaming, and desiring, then you will find that creation occurs with greater ease.

Putting effort into something need not feel onerous, difficult or a struggle. Have you ever noticed that when you do something that feels enjoyable, you seem to have more energy? Have you ever noticed when your doing feels good you accomplish more? Have you ever considered that it is your obsessive mind that makes your doing so difficult, so challenging? Why is that? Because the mind never does. It thinks about doing, but the mind does not act, only you can. Your doing does not come from your conditioned mind. Your mind merely reflects what you have been taught, what you have experienced. What if you believed that doing does not have to be evaluated, or judged? What if you believed that your doing is always perfect just the way it is. What if all that you did was not only good enough but great? What if your mind was trained to believe that you could not do wrong as long as you simply did your best? What if the doing was more important than the result? What if your mind became your biggest fan instead of the greatest critic of your doing?

If you wish to allow creation to be easier, then consider retraining your mind. Stop judging and second-guessing your doing. Simply allow yourself to do from a place of unconditional love, not from fear and judgment. When the mind is more supportive of your doing, your creations will come easier and faster. Stop allowing your mind to deter you from having all that you dream of. Thoughts have vibrations, as does everything. Your thought vibration creates a feeling vibration, and feelings create. Negative, judgmental thoughts create feelings of doubt and often despair. Those feelings prevent your actions from becoming that which you truly wish for. So, your actions often do not make your creation come alive the way you want it to. You “think” you need more action, harder effort, to manifest your creation. But that is not the case. It is not the amount of action that makes creation come alive. It is how you feel about your action, you’re doing that has the greatest effect. It is not what you do but how you feel about what you are doing that has the greatest impact on your creations. Learn to feel the vibration of your doing. Is it easy, fun, enjoyable, or is it difficult, tiring, onerous and challenging?

The sooner you allow your doing to feel good, light, and enjoyable, the sooner manifestation will come to you more easily and faster.” – Shaltazar

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