I was in the midst of reading Resurrection by Neville Goddard when I relistened to Moving Above the Fourth Dimension and noticed a profound connection between this Shaltazar message with respect to the Now and Neville’s many writings regarding the feeling of the wish fulfilled

Shaltazar says all creation – all manifestation – doesn’t happen out there in some future moment; it happens only here in the now.  Neville’s battle cry throughout his collected works, perhaps most acutely in Feeling is the Secret, is the way to manifest in the now is by feeling the presence of our desires as if they already exist now in this moment. 

The goal of meditation is to bring attention into the present moment; to experience the now – which is a worthy and challenging accomplishment in and of itself.  What is being suggested by these teachers is going one step further by using the present moment as a crucible of creation.  Rather than merely getting to a passive state where your attention is absorbed in the present and you are truly feeling and experiencing the now, the suggestion here is to become an active participant in the now by experiencing the feeling of our fulfilled desires while immersed in the present, or now, as a means of effecting their manifestation. 

Abraham speaks often about how we are constantly launching rockets of desire merely by thinking about things we wish to manifest in our lives.  Whenever we say “I wish,” or “I want,” or “I desire,” the creative mechanism of the universe mobilizes to send whatever we want or what we focus our attention upon into our experience – positive or negative.  Abraham goes on to say the only reason the objects of our desire don’t appear instantly in our hands is due to resistance – whether our own resistance to the belief that the object is indeed coming or that desires can manifest instantly or at all into our lives, our sense of worthiness to receive said object, or perhaps owing to a safety buffer of time.  In this day and age of COVID-based isolation, an apt analogy might be the idea of placing an order on Amazon. 

We have a desire for some material object we want or need in our life.  We search online, looking for images of that object, considering various options and versions, refining our desire by getting down to specific features and details until we have a crystal-clear picture of the exact and specific product, we feel will most fully satisfy our longing.  We then proceed to checkout, pay, and know the item we ordered is on its way. 

The resistance to our item appearing instantly in our midst is shipping.  If we are willing to pay extra for expedited shipping or have a Prime membership, the resistance is lessened, and the item arrives more quickly. If you are a cheapskate like me who always chooses free shipping, the resistance is greater and the item takes longer to arrive.  In either case, you know the object of your desire is on its way and will eventually show up on your doorstep. 

There is also this component of linear time at play – a buffer, so to speak, which acts like a manifestation safety valve without which everything that popped into our heads would appear in our laps the moment we think it, whether that thing be the object of our heart’s desire or our worst nightmare.  

I hearken back to an explanation I read of the biblical story concerning the miracle of the wine at the wedding in Cana.  As the story goes, Jesus traveled with his disciples and extended earth family to Cana to attend the wedding of Naomi.  Owing to his now legendary reputation, more guests showed up than had been planned for.  Worried about running out of wine, Mary begged her son to perform a miracle both to supplement the exhausted supply of wine and to prove to the wedding goers that he was indeed the Messiah she believed him to be. 

Loathe to make a spectacle of himself and thus turn his earth ministry into a sideshow of supernatural feats and miraculous demonstrations, Jesus refused to acquiesce to his mother’s pleas.  When Mary became distraught, the compassion Jesus felt for the woman who had borne him in the flesh caused a momentary lapse in control over his emotions, thus permitting his human side to momentarily entertain the desire (a “wish”) to ease Mary’s suffering. 

As a higher dimensional being unconstrained by linear time, Jesus’s wish was instantaneously manifest, and the wine jars began to fill, much to Mary’s delight and Jesus’ surprise.  And while this story has become counted among the many “miracles” Jesus performed during his time on earth and is typically called upon as an example of Jesus’ love and compassion for Mary and mankind, it was probably more of an accident cause by a momentary loss of focus in response to his feelings of love and sympathy prompted by his mother’s anguish. 

It is said we too are such powerful creators.  Abraham says it is unfortunate, however, that most of us create by default due to our lack of control over our thoughts and emotions.  So rather than creating for the common good consciously and with purpose, we, like Jesus at Cana, create mostly on accident by allowing our thoughts to run wild with no focus or objective. 

Shaltazar states that being in the linearity of time, we limit our ability to manifest more instantly.  As long as we continue to believe that what we want is in the future, we are holding ourselves apart from it, thus creating resistance to its manifestation.  They advise us to let go of linear time and stay with them here in the Now – a worthy challenge in and of itself.  They then go on to suggest we take this practice one step further and use the now to create what we wish to see in our lives.  The way to do this is get into the now, stay in the now, and imagine having something you desire in the now as if it already exists 

Shaltazar admits this is all very confusing to us due to our limited fourth dimension perspective.  They also say getting to this place of creating in the now will require practice – lot of practice.  No kidding. 


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