Although originally credited to George Santayana and later popularized by Winston Churchill, the admonition “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” is as timely now as ever.

As we take the first baby steps into this new Aquarian age of change and rebirth, I can’t help but notice how desperately we humans want to cling to the past.  The entire narrative surrounding the change which has been thrust upon us by the pandemic is how long will it take for things to return to “normal.”  But is that really what we want?

History, especially our personal histories, are indeed important.  Our past experiences in this life and those prior are what shaped us into who we are today.  The danger is, when we allow certain of those experiences – particularly the traumatic or unpleasant ones – to define us, they then dictate the direction our lives take going forward.

I hearken to the counsel all parents give their young children that when you fall off your bicycle (or horse or hoverboard or scooter) the best medicine is to get back on and try again.  We are resilient beings.  We’ve come here countless lifetimes, enduring hatred, persecution, and sacrifice, all in the name of advancing the frontiers of human and planetary evolution.

Yet despite our battle-hardened intrepidness, we so easily allow a broken heart, a tragic disease, or the accidents of time and space to maintain such a desperate grip on us that we freeze in our tracks and refuse to move forward out of fear of having to suffer that pain again.  And if we do happen to muster the courage to get back on our horse and we wind up on the ground once more, we either find justification in our fears or we lash out at the horse, the uneven ground, or whoever or whatever we can blame for our plight, further reinforcing our unwillingness to let go of the experience.

Here’s something important to understand, which has just come into clarity for me recently.  We hear the gurus say “everything is energy” and we live in a “vibratory universe,” but what exactly does that mean?  In simple terms, it means the energy we bring to the party dictates whether the party is a blast or a bomb.

Have you noticed when you go into any enterprise uttering cautionary self-talk intended to lower your expectations with the goal to mitigate your suffering should your chosen undertaking not end up the way you planned, that your negative inner dialogue becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy which dooms your purpose to failure or mediocrity?

How many times have we all said something like “I doubt they’ll call back,” or “They’ll never hire me,” or “Watch it will rain,” or “I’m sure he’ll/she’ll say no,” or “I’ll never get there in time,” or “It probably won’t turn out,” or “I’ll never find it,” etc.?  We old souls are so conditioned to accept and endure disappointment that we sabotage our efforts before we even start.  And when something does work out in our favor, we initially experience surprise and elation, but then wait for the bad news to come which we know is lurking just around the corner.

The same way you can’t fill a pitcher with spoiled milk and expect lemonade to pour into your glass, nor can you achieve success or happiness when you enter situations expecting failure and disappointment.  The energy you bring to the table dictates the result.

So how do we recalibrate our energetic and vibrational profile to keep from sabotaging our joy?

Step one is to transmute those past traumatic experiences with love, embracing them as gifts designed for learning and growth.

Stop looking at challenges as punishment, a curse, or bad luck, and consider what you learned.  In this dimension, we are presented with contrast as our tool to gain understanding.  Perhaps that bad relationship brought you greater clarity with respect to the traits you want in a partner.  Maybe getting fired provided an opportunity to secure work you find more fulfilling.  Possibly that accident encouraged you to be more mindful and aware of your actions.  Often getting the opposite of what we think we want clarifies what we truly do want.  Viewed in this way, each experience contributes to our learning and growth and the expansion of consciousness.  If we are able to rise above self-pity and finger pointing, we can glimpse the bigger picture and adopt the broader perspective of Source.

Step two is to rewrite the script when it comes to the circumstances of your life.  Stop dampening your expectations with doubt and fear.  Curb Your Enthusiasm is an ironic comedy – not advice for living life. Instead of telling yourself a story of doom and gloom poisoned by low expectations and the anticipation of disappointment, approach every new situation with positivity, hope, excitement, and the belief that it will turn out exactly as you envisioned.  Positive results cannot be born of negative inputs.

Shaltazar, Abraham, and many other spiritual entities tell us that wanting and desiring is a part of our very nature; it’s baked into our DNA.  Will everything we ask for always turn out exactly the way we anticipate?  No.  But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to set intentions; only that we must learn to remain detached from the outcomes.

Feel free to set intentions until they come out your ears.  If your intentions align with the will of Source, you will see them come to fruition, sometimes exactly as you envisioned.  If they do not turn out as hoped, accept that the universe has a different plan and what transpires is the result Source prefers and therefore better aligned to your highest good – whether you can see it from where you stand or not.

We are poised at a unique time in human history where cosmic energies are enabling us to disentangle ourselves from history and march forward into a new reality of love and light.  Embrace the lessons of your past, learn from them, then go forward seeking truth, beauty, and goodness, and be amazed when truth, beauty, and goodness are what you find.


Mark Layne


Reinventing You – a Shaltazar Message

In this time of monumental change, we are being challenged to reconsider our values, priorities, and that which is most critical to our wellbeing. It is time for us to release our attachments to the familiar trappings of the material world such as jobs, money, and possessions, and to incorporate all we have learned in our life thus far into a new identity rooted in the heart and dedicated to feelings of companionship, connectedness, abundance, contentment, harmony, joy, and most of all, love.


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In this episode, Mark asks Jeffrey to shine light on the Shaltazar message Letting Go of Your Personal History during which Jeffrey dispels the notion that history is doomed to repeat itself. Rather than clinging to past traumas and allowing them to inform and influence the future, we can view these traumatic experiences as opportunities to learn and grow, thereby transmuting the negative feelings into knowledge which will allow us to move forward toward a more enlightened and informed future.



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