It was Carl Jung who originally posed the idea of a “collective unconscious.” Distinct from the personal unconscious which arises from an individual’s experiences, the collective unconscious is said to be a part of the human mind which contains memories, archetypes, and those universal primordial images and impulses buried deep within the inherited structure of the brain of which the individual is unaware but is common to mankind as a whole.  I always considered the collective unconscious as a sort of baseline operating system containing the entire history of human evolution and which predisposes us to act or react in a predetermined manner to certain stimulus without our conscious intent.

The Shaltazar message Finding Your Unity Consciousness brings a new measure of practicality to this idea.  Whereas Jung conceived a program operating in the background informing our choices without awareness, Shaltazar suggests we have some measure of control over it. 

Right now, in this one single moment, there are billions of beings around the world having an experience.  Although each experience is different, they are all happening now… and now… and now.  While we can’t physically witness all these experiences, we do have the ability to sense them if we drop our minds and tune in to our feelings.

It has been said that an actual living fragment of Source exists within each of us.  It stands to reason that this fragment must contain a thread of or connection to Source consciousness.  And if we share in Source consciousness, it is logical to assume we must know everything Source knows, not necessarily consciously, but deeply ingrained into the fabric of our being.  If it is indeed true that Source knows each of us as we know our own children, and if we share in the infinite consciousness of Source, then by the transitive property of equality (or one of those other laws of mathematics I forgot in 5th grade), we must likewise know each other.

For Christians, the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men is the foundational principle upon which all of Jesus’ teachings were based.  It would then seem that this Source consciousness is the binding force connecting us all together like the cell junctions which cement our cells into the shapes of our bodies or the gravitational forces which keep the particles of an atom from flying apart (and us from floating off the earth). 

As kids, we were all taught that we should do unto others as we would have others do unto us.  Shaltazar seems to be saying that as you do unto others, so you do unto yourself.  Viewed in this light, kindness patience, generosity or love expressed to another is equivalent to offering each of those same gifts to oneself. 

Stop for a moment and recall how you react when you encounter a stranger, especially one who looks different from you.  No doubt owning to some primordial survival instinct buried in our DNA, our instinct is to judge, label, or categorize.  Is this person a friend or foe… a threat or ally… competition or cohort?  We then allow our minds to make up stories about the other person as a coping mechanism to help us feel more comfortable with what we perceive as strange, different, or uncertain about them.

Embracing unity consciousness seems to suggest that we learn a new way to react to the people we encounter each day.  Rather than letting our minds control our reactions by immediately zeroing in on our differences and following a habitual pattern leading to divisiveness, what if we were to feel first and think second?  What if we paused, took a breath, and if only for an instant remembered that we are all part of the same spiritual family, and the love and light that exists within us is the same love and light that exists within that other person even though they may look, talk, speak, or behave differently than us.  Within our human families, we do this all the time.  We are willing to overlook what we perceive as negative and love our parents, sons, daughters, spouses, aunts, cousins, and grandparents in spite of their peculiarities and peccadillos.  It would seem now is the time to look beyond the physical into the Divine essence of who and what we all truly are.

Mark Layne


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