A Shaltazar Channeled Message


 “Feel yourself back in physical time. Feel yourself before this lifetime expression. And now feel yourself before the last lifetime expression. And keep going back and back until you come to the place where all Souls were together. Feel the Unity, feel the Wholeness, feel the Oneness. Don’t imagine it, simply feel it. As a drop of water in the ocean. Feel the greatness of being part of the Unity of All. Don’t try to comprehend it, just feel it. Feel Unity. Take a moment to simply let go and surrender into the void so you may transcend “the you” and move to Oneness.

Let go of all that you think you are. Open the door to your Soul and begin to fly freely to the Place of Unity. Begin to feel the power of this Unity. Of all Souls coming together in the Unity of One. Gathering and gathering, getting bigger and bigger. Becoming so enormous that this collection of Souls becomes all that is, all that was, and all that will ever be.

And as this group continues to gather—a feeling, a great beautiful, comfortable feeling begins to fill the atmosphere. The feeling is Love—Divine Love. The Light begins to shine brighter and brighter. Soon nothing can be seen, but this brilliant white light. Nothing can be felt, but this Divine Love. Love and Light. No more. No less. And from this great Unity of Love and Light, from this place of completeness a child is born. A child of the Light. A child of God. Born to bring forth in all places, the glory of the Light, the glory of Love. But that child was given something that the Souls did not have. That child of God was given the Duality.

From the Great Oneness came two. And thus the birth of the Great Duality. And with this Duality Source granted this child free choice. The ability to always choose within the Duality. Such a privilege. Such an honour. For Source desired to feel life within the Duality.

How would he or she choose? The ups, the downs, the white, the black, the light or the dark. And so Source created many, many, many more new ones to go forth to experience that Duality. With no judgment, only love, the many went forth to live and choose within the Duality. Went forth to struggle, to try to understand, to try to find purpose, to learn, to live, and to grow.

And so, it has been for many, many eons. The Duality has grown. Much has transpired. Souls have over and over again gone forth into the Duality to experience over and over again the many possibilities of life in the Duality.

And when a life expression ended a period of review, of reflection, of gathering what was experienced and then again back to the Duality for yet another expression. The continual cycle of life expressions. Some finding happiness, some not. The proliferation of experiencing emotion within the Duality. The ability to choose programmed into the physical form within the Duality.

And Source watched patiently as It came to Know all that was experienced within the lifetime expression of Its child. Source sent Love and Light to those who were in the Duality, but many could not feel the Love or the Light for they had forgotten Who They Truly Were. And so they felt alone, separate, cut off from their Truth. They felt the suffering of being alone. Many lost their way and suffered great trauma while within a lifetime expression. Then that experience would end, the life review, back to Love, back to Light, but soon thereafter a new lifetime experience would begin.

And Now after eons and eons of life expressions, Source has declared it is time for a change within the Duality. The Duality must be given a chance to experience the Divinity that is beyond itself. What if within the Duality, Souls were allowed to remember, not all but just a part of Who They Truly Are? What if within that Duality a hint of the Love and Light was introduced? Over the eons there have been The Ones who came forth to introduce this concept to foreshadow the time when all would have access to Love and Light.

The challenge of course is that although the Love and Light have been introduced and available within the Duality there still exists free choice. Not all Humans may choose the Light, for they have not yet connected to their Essence. So, you begin a time where many are choosing to experience the Light and Love while still within physical form, but many are not yet ready to do so.

And so, We come to this time in the history of humanity. The ability to connect to the Light while still in human form—in the Duality that has come of age. Will your world learn to integrate the Love and Light totally into the Duality? What will transpire remains to be seen. You see Our brother, Our sister no one or no thing knows how this chapter in Human history will unfold. It is all up to the collective to decide. Source has created the possibility and now you must create the reality.” – Shaltazar

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