n each and every moment of our lives, we have a choice. What is that choice? The choice in how we think. Unfortunately for a lot of people, we have given that choice over to our unconscious minds. As a consequence, we are going through life unconsciously making choices. We are somewhat on autopilot. So how are these choices made when we are on autopilot? As we are growing up we are taught certain things that we come to believe as true. We are taught by our parents, the education system, our religion and our friends. At a younger age, we don’t really have the intellectual ability or experience in life to question these things that others tell us are true. So we believe them and take them to be our truths or beliefs. It is these beliefs or truths that we inherit from others that become the foundation for our autopilot choices that we make as our life moves on. Why would we question these truths or beliefs? Our parents, the education system and our religion are smart, are more experienced than us and therefore must know what they are talking about. So we take on these beliefs and truths to be our own. And so it has been for many generations. The passing down of beliefs and truths from one generation to another. So what have we done with our choices to respond in every moment of our life? We have given them away to our parents, our education system, our religion and our friends. We have truly lost our opportunity to choose how we want our life to be. We have given away our power to the beliefs and truths of others. Well, I have decided to take back my power. Are you interested in taking back yours? If you are then please read on.

The first step in taking back your power is awareness. Start to observe and become aware of the choices you are making and the thoughts you are thinking in every moment of your life. Watch your responses throughout the day. How do you react when someone says something to you? How are you feeling when you do something you like? What is it that makes you angry? What is it you do that makes you feel alive and full of energy? How do you feel when the boss criticizes your work? What makes you happy, what makes you sad? As you become more aware of how you are responding to things in your life you will realize that you can choose a different response or a different thought. How you respond to anything is up to you. But in order for you to take back your power, you must come to realize that we and only we are totally responsible for everything that happens in our lives. No one else. It’s not our parent’s fault, our boss’s fault, our partner’s fault, our friend’s fault for what is happening around us. It is you and only you that are totally responsible. This can be a very difficult concept to grapple with, but unless you are prepared to accept full and total responsibility for your life, your choices and your thoughts you will never be able to take back your power. The power to choose in every moment of every day of how you want the rest of your life to unfold can be yours. You have begun to observe and become aware of the choices you make and thoughts you have in each moment of the day. As you make those choices or have those thoughts you begin to examine the belief or truth behind the choices or thoughts. I’m not good enough to succeed in this job. When someone declines an invitation to go out with me, it must mean they don’t like me. Look at me I’m too tall, too short, too thin, or too fat? Everyone is always judging me. Others are better than me. It’s selfish to think of myself first. If I don’t work hard I’ll never get ahead. Are these really true?  Who said they are true? Are your thoughts based on what you truly believe or are they based on those inherited beliefs and truths that were handed down to you over many generations? Maybe it’s time to begin to find your own truths.

There is no quick fix to this problem and depending on how old you are you have many years of conditioning to overcome. But it is never too late. Begin today to awaken the self within you. Begin to dig deep within yourself and discover who you truly are. And as you do you will begin to realize that you do truly have a choice in every moment of your life. A choice to be happy or a choice to be sad. A choice to move forward or a choice to stay where you are. A choice to think you are not good enough or a choice to think you’re great. A choice to think lack or a choice to think abundance. A choice to think poor me or a choice to think I will overcome this challenge in my life. A choice to think the bad times will never end or a choice to think the good times are just around the corner.  In every moment of every day, we have a choice of what we choose to think. And your thoughts are your reality. Begin to make those choices consciously. Take yourself off of autopilot and take back your power. Make the choices you want, not the choices of your conditioned beliefs. Begin to discover your own truths. Life can be a lot more fun and exciting when you realize the choice is yours. Live the life you choose to live, always.





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