Almost everyone is searching for some form of happiness in his or her life, but for many, that happiness can be quite elusive. Perhaps we are looking for happiness in the wrong place. I believe happiness exists on the inside and will only appear on the outside once we have found it inside of ourselves.

Before we can find true happiness, though, we should really understand what it is we are looking for. I remember having a conversation with a homeless person at the centre I volunteer at, and he asked me what happiness was. I thought for a moment and then suggested to him that as a person, you are truly happy when there are more positive moments in your life than negative ones.

Our life can be seen as a series of individual moments, all linked together.  If you are seeking happiness then, simply begin by attracting and creating happy moments. It’s really quite simple; begin by finding the things you like to do and do them often. Choose activities that make you feel good on the inside and put a smile on your face. Surround yourself with happy people, and those who help you to feel good about yourself. Try new things and watch to see how they make you feel. When you find the things that make you truly happy, ensure you have lots of those in your life. When you find something that doesn’t feel good at all, part with it immediately, or find a way to change it. Remember, what you experience in life is always your choice!

Something I have discovered, throughout my own quest for happiness, is that what makes me feel happy today may not make me feel happy tomorrow. Try not to get too attached to those things that make you feel happy today. Enjoy them, feel the happiness, then let them go. It is when we cling to that specific happy moment and try to make it last forever, that we get disappointed. Here is an example. You go shopping for some new clothes and when you put them on for the first time you feel great. Fantastic!  But we both know that in a few months if you’re feeling down and you put on these same clothes you probably won’t feel happy at all. That’s because happiness is in and of the moment.

So, if you want happiness in your life, seek lots and lots of happy moments. Also, keep in mind that happiness exists in the present moment, not in some future moment. How many times have you heard someone say, “When I get that new job or that new house, then I will be happy?” But, happiness never exists “when I…” it only exists now.

Try not to get too hung-up on your search for happiness. Simply realize and accept your desire for happiness and allow it to come to you. The best way to find happiness is to experience life to the fullest. Don’t fret over the moments that don’t give you happiness, simply let them go and move on. When you find things that make you happy, try to add them to your daily routine. Create personal rituals that make you smile on the outside and on the inside. And remember, what makes you happy today may not make you happy in a year from now. This could be a job, a friend, a physical activity, a hobby or a lifestyle choice. Don’t fret! Our happiness changes as we change. If it doesn’t make you happy anymore, try to let it go and move on to something else.

Happiness is a result of how we feel on the inside. When I feel good, at peace and content, then more happiness appears in my life. When I feel stressed and anxious, it is very difficult to find happy moments no matter how hard I search. Work on feeling good about who you are. Let go of the opinions of others, let go of the self-limiting, conditioned beliefs that hold you back, quiet your mind, and most of all, find that place in your Heart of Hearts where peace, contentment, and joy resides. Once you find it, be sure to go back and visit often!




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