The Season of Giving

A Shaltazar channeled message

“You are coming into the season of giving where everyone hustles and bustles to buy presents for others. You may have noticed that in your world giving has become more materialistic. Maybe that giving is not the best way to express your true feelings for others. Let Us remind you that you live in the Duality where the laws of the polarity exist. Giving is only one of the polarities in the continuum.

“What is the other?” you say.

Receiving. We feel your puzzlement. You believe giving is different than receiving. Many of you were taught that it is better to give than to receive. And to only receive is selfish. We suggest that is not necessarily true. It is time to consider changing the paradigm of giving. Take some time to reflect on the continuum of giving and receiving.
Maybe it’s time to consider receiving first and then giving. In your civilization, you have gotten away from receiving with grace. If you can receive the love, care, understanding, compassion, empathy and support that We are sending, you may notice that you feel fuller and more complete. More in the place of love, compassion, and harmony. If that is so then from that place, you are now in a position to give greater to those around you.

What are We suggesting?  Begin to give differently. Firstly, We ask you to receive, to fill yourself up with the feeling of abundance. Whether you have monetary resources or not, you can still feel abundant. Fill yourself up with love, gratitude, and compassion. There is a place within where all of that exists. Perhaps you have not allowed yourself to connect to the Infinite Source that can constantly fill you up. You’re more concerned about giving than receiving, so We ask you again to consider a paradigm shift. Please consider receiving before you give. Receive your birthright, Divine Love that is always available to you when you open your heart to receive it. When you are full from your receiving, then you can begin your giving. You may not rush out to the stores to buy the bargains. You may find that the giving you wish to do will be of a different nature. You may find that you choose to give love, compassion, empathy, understanding, friendship, and support instead. You may find that what you give is priceless compared to the material things that you use to give.

The gift of love is far greater than the gift of any material possession, and yet you stress and hurry about in the hustle and bustle of the season, wondering what material gift will your brother, sister, mother, father, friends be happy with.  If you gave love more of the time your gift may be appreciated even more. When you give a material possession, it creates momentary joy, momentary happiness, but when you give the gift of love, empathy, friendship, support, you are giving something that is lasting and invaluable. Most of the humans on your planet crave love, support, and compassion. More and more humans are suffering and going through challenging times. They may appreciate the material gift you give but let Us assure you that the gift of love will be appreciated even more.

May We also suggest another paradigm shift. You do not need a religious custom to tell you that it is time to give. Giving should be 365 days a year, but not the material giving. We hear you cry out, but if I give so much I will be drained. And We go back to pointing out that if you continue to receive and fill yourself up from the Infinite Source you will have a heightened capacity to give to others. We still encourage you to have your special giving rituals and celebrations but do not put so much importance on them. Instead, learn that giving and receiving, the polarities that exist in the continuum, should and could occur all year round. Be open to receive what the Universe wants to send you. And then when you give to others, give with love, compassion, empathy, caring, and kindness.

If you are able to make this shift, your world will change in a big way. Each time one of you chooses to receive that which is your birthright, and share it with others you are one step closer to creating a world without war. A world at peace, that cares, and supports each other. Can you imagine the resources that become available when you stop fighting each other, hating each other, killing each other?  Billions of monetary dollars become available. Fear will give way to trust, faith and love. So We ask you to consider putting love in the equation of receiving and giving this holiday season. All you need do is open your hearts and We will send you the love that you can share with others.”

With Love



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