Befriending the Darkness

As we move through our days, it is easy to forget that life is supposed to be challenging. The movies we most enjoy are those where the hero faces obstacles, encounters hardship, overcomes difficulties, and is transformed into a better version of themselves by story end. Nobody would watch a movie about a hero who remained unchanged, ending up exactly where they began. You are the hero of your own movie, and the challenges you face a gift from Source to facilitate your growth and transformation.



Befriending the Darkness

 We are Shaltazar, the Gavish Banenu, the Energy of 33 and We have come forth at this time to bring you Divine Wisdom. We feel your discomfort. We know your world is in turmoil. We see the suffering. We are aware of your pain. And We realize that telling you it is a part of life does not bring you comfort, does not make it easier for you. It might surprise you to know that as each of you are going through your difficulties, We are there watching on. Yes, watching over you and observing with love. All you need do is ask for Our assistance, ask for Our guidance, and We will respond. However, there are times when your ability to connect to Us is impeded. It may seem We are not available but know We have not deserted you. We have not gone away. We are always with you, surrounding you, hugging you and sending you unconditional love. But sometimes you are unable to feel or sense our presence. 

“Why do you do that to us? Why can’t we feel your presence when we need you the most?”

Let Us reassure you that it is not punishment, judgement, or even karma. Your world is beginning to open up to a greater level of enlightenment. It may not seem that way but it is happening. More humans are connecting to their Divinity and discovering their Inner Guidance. They are finding that part of themselves which is the Source. Even though more of your planet is becoming awakened, it is important you continue to rise to higher levels of consciousness. Higher consciousness will allow you transcend the duality, to master the polarities. Within the duality you cannot be One all of the time. You are love and you are hate. You are joy and you are misery. You are human and you are Divine. You are light and you are darkness.

To reach higher levels of consciousness you must experience all aspects of the duality including that which you do not like, that which is uncomfortable, that which is unpleasant. You must learn to accept and transcend the darkness more of the time. For each time you go into the darkness, either by your own accord or by a Higher Power which controls the calibration of energy on your planet, you become a different person, you evolve. The choice is always yours as to how you respond to the duality. The discomfort you feel during your darkness is not bad unless you make it bad. We do not deny that it is uncomfortable and unpleasant. However, you may have noticed that your trips, your travels, your journeys through the difficulties in your life, through the darkness, through the discomfort, have taught you much.

You learn by comparison, and We know this because We have been with you when you go through the struggles in your life and We hear you cry out saying “This is not what I want”. But it is the experience of that difficulty that allows you to know what you truly want. Although We are still with you as you experience your adversities, there is nothing We can do to get you out of your discomfort any faster. It’s rather ironic that what you are experiencing might be considered a reward for the great work that you have been doing. As your planet becomes more enlightened, there is a greater requirement for deeper learning. The Source does not give you anything you cannot handle. But support is essential as you go through your ‘dark night of the soul’ over and over again.

This is not a dark message, this is not a grim message, this is not a foreshadowing that your life will become worse. No, not at all. We are here to tell you that you will learn; you are learning to cope and understand your darkness. With each trip you make into the midst of that darkness, and as you have experienced a more extended stay in that place where no one wants to be, you have grown tremendously. You are an inspiration for those who have not yet begun their journey. You are an inspiration for your family and friends. Each time you come out of the tunnel of darkness you are stronger, you are more able, and may We say more loving. The way to endure and to cope with those periods of darkness is to accept, to allow, to stop fighting, to stop pushing, and to stop resisting. By trying to determine what got you into the dark place only moves you to your mind. And trying to find a way out does the same. Instead feel fully whatever is coming up and allow the truth of those feelings to be revealed. The only way to greater enlightenment on the planet of the duality is to accept and embrace the darkness just as you do the light.

And We hear you cry out, “How can we learn to love the darkness? Even if God loves all we are but mortal humans. How do you expect us to love that which is so uncomfortable?”

To love is not necessarily to like. Can you imagine a love that transcends that which is likable and that which is unlikable? Learn to accept the cycles of life, learn to let go when something is beyond your control. As you enter the tunnel of darkness know that there is always light at the other end. In the midst of the darkness, when all feels hopeless, when your faith diminishes and fear arises, when your confidence wanes as doubt comes pouring in, when your positivity is replaced by pessimism, and you feel deserted and unloved, know We are still there watching over you. You are never alone. So the next time you enter the dark tunnel connect with the deep knowing, that inner voice which is a part of God, and allow It to comfort you to the best of your ability as you traverse the darkness. Your planet of free choice will never, and We repeat never, be devoid of the darkness or the light. It is the cornerstone, the foundation upon which your planet was built. 

So, if the darkness will not vanish, your only choice is to learn to cope with it, to get through it the best you can. Often, We see you pulling or dragging your way out of that dark hole. You feel so beat up, so tattered, so disheveled. Some of you have difficulty shaking it off and beginning again. Others are concerned about the next round of darkness or fearful that the darkness will forever be your nemesis. You have much to accomplish on your planet and you are making great progress. There are signs of compassion, there are signs of love, and there are signs of cooperation and collaboration.

You might say “Yes, but there are lots of examples of the opposite,”

And We would agree. But unfortunately, the human condition tends to be preoccupied with looking at what is wrong, as opposed to how far you have come. Since for Us there is no linearity, there is no time, We see in the Now of this moment great progress. We congratulate you and look forward to those moments when the darkness passes and the first rays of light begin to shine as the next cycle begins. We rejoice as the dim veil lifts and you have survived another round of darkness. If you are able to reflect on the challenging times in your life that you have endured, you will realize that you have evolved greatly. Every moment of discomfort, every moment of struggle has created something in you that you did not have before.

Those of you who are prepared to embark on this journey, or to continue on this journey, are a credit to the human race. We only wish that We could help you more when you go through your personal tunnel of darkness. The human race has become attached to and obsessed with its technology. We know how upsetting it is when you are cut off from it. When you are in that dark tunnel you are not only cut off from your cell service and WIFI but also your connection to the Invisible World. Let Us assure you that being cut off is not necessarily a bad thing. It allows you to go inward, to reflect and take stock, to rest before the next ascent. Take that break from being off the grid and put it to good use. Do not wallow and complain about how uncomfortable it is. Do not continue to wish and hope it will pass, but instead know that this too WILL pass and that you have not been deserted.

We ask those who are able, who have developed the skills to cope better in the periods of darkness to reach out to your brothers and sisters. The way to minimize the suffering on your planet is to be there for each other. We must remind you that even when the connection is weak, We are there for you always. We are watching over you. Hold on and remain optimistic. Know that your difficulties, your challenges, your discomfort are necessary for you to evolve and progress. The beauty of the diamond only comes forth after intense heat and pressure. Your beauty, your brilliance, your greatness can only shine forth after you have traversed many voyages through your personal tunnel of darkness. You may not enjoy those excursions but let Us assure you the results are worth it not only for you but for all of humanity.

We bring you this message from a place of love. Our love for you is everlasting and unconditional. Go forth dear ones and begin to see your sojourns in the tunnel of darkness in a different light.

January 2022



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