Two Sides of the Same Coin

“What We are trying to explain to you is when or if you choose to see your precious human life from both sides of the polarities without judgment, you will have the opportunity to experience a fuller, more valuable life. We know that means learning to accept that which feels uncomfortable, unpleasant and distasteful. But We reiterate what We have already stated – a life lived fully in the duality is truly a life of great value. You must understand human life is finite. It is not Who You Truly Are. We know it feels real, it feels like all there is for you, but a part of you knows it is just a part, a small part of your True Essence. The interesting thing is that as long as you focus on the different sides of your life, the sides of your coin, you will never truly be able to comprehend the whole picture of this temporary life expression you are in.” – Shaltazar

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