It’s true: life is fatal.  We are all doomed.  Literally.

And not as a result of any sort of virus, plague, or external calamity, but merely as a condition of being human and the finite nature of our time here.  

Yet in spite of our certain knowledge of the most unkind fate which awaits us all, we persevere, continuing to push forward through the struggles and challenges of physical existence as we twirl through the vastness of space on this planet we call Earth, all the while doing our best to grow and evolve during our short sojourn. 

But why?  To what end?

The simple truth is, programmed in our DNA, deep within our very core, is an actual fragment of Source, a living piece of the Creator of all that is. 

Let’s hike up our trousers and play God for a moment… 

Imagine if you will you just created this splendid universe ripe with creation and teeming with sentient beings who are all apart and separate from your Oneness.  And now you find yourself responsible for these lowly creatures who you can’t truly understand or empathize with because you’ve never been other than Oneness, Unity.  On a human scale, stop and consider how impossible it would be to parent a child if you yourself had never been a child.  Where would you start?  What would you do first? 

So, you ponder this dilemma for a millennium or two.  (Why not?  You’re God – time is irrelevant in your dimension.)  Eventually, it occurs to you the only way you could ever truly know the fruits of your creation would be to become one with it – to walk a mile in their shoes, so to speak.  So, in an act of unconditional love, you fragment yourself, placing tiny bits of your Oneness into all the material beings you created that you might live vicariously through them and thus experience firsthand what mortal existence is all about. How else could Oneness ever truly comprehend the duality expect to experience it.

So maybe that means that our evolutionary path of growth and expansion allows consciousness and thus the Source to grow and expand. This allows the Supreme Being to reign over the vast grand universe with firsthand knowledge and empathy owing to the accumulation of physical life experiences of countless incarnated beings. Viewed in this way, it’s easy to see how each experience we endure or enjoy adds another stitch to the expanding tapestry of the Supreme Being.    

That said, the argument could be made it is not only our choice but our responsibility to experience all we are able to so we might aid in this plan of universal evolution.  This may well be the ultimate cosmic purpose of our existence.  The question we need to ask ourselves is what sort of energy do we want to contribute to this grand process?  Do we want our lives to add threads of fear, competitiveness, anxiety, hatred, and selfishness to the fabric of the ever-expanding consciousness of Life, or do we wish to contribute compassion, love, patience, joy, and faith?  The choice is ours to make.  I pray we choose wisely.

Mark Layne



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